Adults Relearn How to Give Each Other Space

As a daycare provider and preschool teacher I ask kids to make space for each other all the time. Now that Mayors all over the United States are electing to mandate "shelter in place" and social distancing protocols, grownups are compelled to reevaluate what "making space" really means for themselves, their family, and the world population. As a culture, Americans have never been good at taking siestas, slowing-down, and general self-care practices, which are all ways of crea

Social Story for Covid-19

We know that all students, regardless of disability, do best when they are prepared. Social Stories are narrative stories that help people, usually children, process change or create new appropriate behavior patterns. In light of NYC schools closing for Coronavirus, I’ve created a social story to help students process the change of school closures. Feel free to use this as it is, or "make a copy" and change the words and images to suit your specific students or population. Ar