A Personal Scavenger Hunt

I can’t believe it’s been about a little over a month that we’ve been living in our new (ab)normal! I’m so curious as to what your day to day lives feel like. What has felt good? Scary? Frustrating? Surprising?

A super fun and time consuming activity that we’ve done together on our video chats and I’m sure you’ve also done privately at home have been scavenger hunts! It’s fun to snoop around your own home on a quest to find something. Or maybe you’ve done some window watching and looked for cars, planes, or plants.

As more time passes and nerves are being tested and felt, it might be a perfect time to do a personal scavenger hunt. You can ask your child to find their most comforting toy, their favorite picture, or to sing their favorite song. Maybe ask them to remember a favorite funny moment from school. It could also be a shared scavenger hunt, where you ask them what feels special about being in your family. For children more physical than talkative, this could be a time to go picture-finding (family photos or art projects), or to surround them with beloved toys and notice how and what they play with.

I found a picture on the internet titled “Gratitude Scavenger Hunt for Kids” that I will include below. Some of the questions might work better for older kids, so please try them out on older siblings or yourself!

Hope this game brings comfort!

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