• Igor Shteynberg

Best way to help is to not interfere

Parents are often tempted to help their children along the developmental path. This is especially common when it comes to making (aka helping) babies to stand and encouraging them to walk sooner. A reason to wait is to give babies an opportunity to learn and master important movement relationships that form a foundation of easy movement. Here are several good reasons to give your child time to learn to stand and walking naturally.

Instead of trying to "help", enjoy observing how your baby is learning:

This concept can apply to older toddlers and preschoolers too! Where can you observe and offer support, but not fully interfere with their development and learning? There is a concept of “benign neglect” which is a strategy of noninterference that is intended to benefit someone or something more than continual attention would. A little bit of independent struggle can lead to a deeper learned lesson in the long run! It may just offer your kids the chance to make mistakes, engage in a healthy struggle, create new ideas, and be creative in their thinking.


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