• Ruth Auguste Cesar

Book Spotlight!! "All Are Welcome" by Alexandra Penfold

We are better—TOGETHER!!!

The current climate that we are living in is filled with so much hurt, anguish, and grief. Due to the lack of diversity, love, and acceptance, people are being killed every day because of the color of their skin. As educators and as parents, it is so important to expose children to different races and cultures. Exposing children to different races and cultures from an early age reduces the chances of racism and hate arising. Penfold writes an amazing book in which children as a group spend the day loving each other and getting to know one another's culture and identity in spite of their differences. There are a number of books that can be used in order to teach about diversity, equality, race, and inclusion. Hate is taught, but love and acceptance can be taught as well. Here are some additional books and resources that can be used in order to expose your children to race and inclusion as well as begin some crucial conversations:

Happy reading!! And remember: we are better TOGETHER!!

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