Book Spotlight -- Feelings Matter!!

As we get ready for Kindergarten, it is so important to learn that everyone has feelings, and that feelings matter. Children tend to shy away from being expressive when their feelings are hurt. In this season of remote learning, it’s also essential that children have the opportunity to be expressive in their feelings. Most importantly, it’s nice to be nice! An excellent book that helps understand that is one of my favorites, “Chrysanthemum”. In this book, we meet a mouse with such a lovely name, Chrysanthemum, but her friends make SO much fun of her name because it’s so long! Her feelings were so hurt, and she was very expressive about her feelings. Her music teacher had a baby, and she also named her “Chrysanthemum” and that made her SO happy! Here are a NUMBER of fun activities that can be done in connection to the book:

  1. Flower Name — students learn that no matter who they are, their name is special and it represents them. Using a number of recyclable materials, create and decorate your own depiction of your name using a flower. Each petal will have a letter of your name, and each leaf should have a word that represent what makes you nice :)

  2. A promise pledge - a promise pledge is a please where students can make promises of different ways in which they will be nice to friends AND family members. Create a garden filled with sunflowers, and in the center of each flower, encourage your child to think of one way in which they can be nice to others.

  3. Mousey-Mouse — allow your child to make a mouse using a number of recyclable materials. When cutting out the sh