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Book Spotlight: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a favorite Spring book that many of us have at home and makes for a great jumping off point for creative activities that enhance the experience! Here are just a few!

1. Make Caterpillar and Butterfly Crafts Children can have fun retelling the story with their own caterpillars and butterflies. Caterpillars:

Use discarded egg cartons, pipe cleaners, paints or markers. - Cut apart a carton to make a six-hump caterpillar. - Paint the carton including a face on one end. - Poke two holes for antennae and insert pipe cleaners.


Use basket shaped coffee filters, paints, pipe cleaners. - Fold the filter in half, then open it again. - Drip paint on the center fold. Let it spread and dry. - Pinch the filter in the center, then wrap a pipe cleaner around it to be the butterfly's body.

2. Butterfly Life Cycle Exploration!

The butterfly life cycle is a classic exploration for preschool-aged children. Here are the stages of the cycle:

One active way to explore the stages is through YOGA POSES!

1. Egg: start of curled in a ball in Child’s Pose

2. Chrysalis: stand up and fold over to touch toes in FORWARD BEND.

3. Caterpillar: Lay down and wiggle in COBRA POSE

4. Butterfly: Sit down and flap those wings in BUTTERFLY POSE.

3. Delve deeper into Eric Carle‘s artistic style!

Here is a video of the author and artist discussing the creation of the book. In it, he shows how he creates his art - through paint and collage! What a wonderful inspiration to paint and collage at home.


4. Eat all the food!!

Well, maybe not all. The caterpillar does eat a lot. But go on a food hunt in your kitchen for the food you do have, and set up a caterpillar inspired snack!

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