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Breathing Ideas

Hi families!-

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been fully glued to the internet! We kind of don’t have a choice—the internet right now is our main and most dependable form of communication and sharing information with each other (like this blog☺️). One positive of getting lost in these internet wormholes is all the fun ideas that websites like Pinterest are suggesting! In my searches I came across a breathing excersises/visualizations for kids chart (though, let’s be real, these excersies are completely ageless!):

I love relating breathing to something kids have a huge relationship with, like animals or a yummy snack.

One breathing technique that I love is the birthday candle breathing. Ask your child how many candles they want on their pretend cake (though the number should be 1-10, but I’m already guessing your child will probably pick their real life age). Say they chose the number 3, you can put up three fingers and ask them to blow out each finger one by one. It works well because it’s a combination of breathing and enforcing some calm, and a fun bonding moment between you and your child. Your child also might want to put up the fingers themselves! Or maybe you can be the one with a grown up birthday cake, and you and your child together can blow out finger-candles together.

Thinking of you all and wishing for some moments of calm—

Teacher Rebecca

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