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Cookies for Breakfast and Ice Cream Everyday?!

All of us parents have loosened our standards at least a little bit during stay at home orders. How could we not?! Sometimes a tv break or an 11am ice cream party turns a stressful mess into a joyful win. However, sometimes, just sometimes, we can be creative and find little ways to maintain some standards while also allowing for some fun. Enter: breakfast cookies and unlimited ice cream aka healthy-ish dupes you won’t feel guilt over but your kids will love all the same!

Breakfast cookies!: It’s all about presentation! There are a ton of recipes out there for healthy cookies (filled with fruits, whole oats, protein, all the good stuff) but the kicker comes in when the kids are told they can eat them for breakfast. It’s a game changer. It feels novel and exciting and I feel good knowing that the ingredients are basically be the same as a bowl of oatmeal, but no one else is the wiser. Recipes for granola bars can be made in cookie shapes, and healthy zucchini or carrot filled muffins can be rebranded as a breakfast cupcake all the same.

Here are some recipes to check out:




Ice Cream All Day!: I simply make a smoothie filled with bananas, strawberries and Greek yogurt (plus a good squeeze of honey) and freeze into the ice pop molds, call it “ice cream” and say yes every time when asked for some! Whatever fruit you have on hand should work. It’s fun to experiment here.

I hope these ideas help bring some joy to your own kiddos! (and some moments of quiet and calm for you as they enjoy the treats!)

Do you have any “snack hacks” of your own?

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