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CP: Home/School Connection Activities

We at Crayon Power, along with most of NYC, had to leave school one day without knowing that we would not be coming back. There were no goodbyes or prior explanations. This can be a really confusing and challenging time for friends of all ages, but particularly our young friends who are still learning how to handle transitions of all sizes. One way to help soften this transition is to create a bridge between home and school. Much like when we hang photographs of families in school, we aim to create home/school connections that help our friends feel safe and secure.

Here I will share a recent activity we did at school for you to do at home, as well as other activities that can help create this sense of stability in an unstable world.

Rocketship shape collage!

We have been discussing community helpers for a number of weeks. We have focused on firefighters, doctors, nurses, vet, mail carriers. One other career kept coming up for our friends - the imagination inspiring Astronaut! In our last week at school we explored astronauts in a variety of ways, including this shape collage.

The project is quite simple and leads to a lot of fun and creativity.

Materials: Colored construction paper, scissors, glue/glue sticks

Instructions: Parent cuts out various shapes as modeled by the example shown here. Make multiples of each. Parent may create a copy of the rocketship shown here as a physical example for child. Lay out pieces for child on another piece of paper with glue and let them get to work! Some children will glue pieces wherever they want, while others will try to replicate the rocketship. Both are fantastic!

Here we are working on the collages at school:

We will continue to create home/school connections in the weeks ahead, including calls and virtual dance parties and songs,. One way that I personally created a connection for my son, Rahm, was by using my admittedly poor drawing skills, as seen below. As we talked about school and his friends, I drew very simple drawings of his friends as well as one of our adorable blue schoolhouse. He of course helped! These drawings hang over his playchest. He points to his friends constantly! The best part was the creation, us talking about our friends and thinking about our favorite little school. I will most likely in the days ahead draw his friends many, many more times as part of his transition process.

No real art skills needed, as you can see! It’s truly the intention that counts.

I’m sure your family will create their own ways of connection, including adorable chalk messages left on sidewalks! More to come from us all <3

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