CP: Home/School Connection Bob Ross

At Crayon Power, we don't make mistakes. We make happy accidents, thanks to the adopted philosophies of PBS painter Bob Ross.

(via PBS.com) Every once in a while a parent will provide a special nugget of information about how their kiddo volunteered lessons they've learned at playschool to their family members. About 40% of the time a parent shares a story with me it is related to The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. One morning a mom announced that her kid was happily eating breakfast, spilled their milk, put their finger in it to draw a smiley face, cleaned it up with their napkin, and announced... "Bob Ross calls that a happy accident!" Another time a parent texted me a picture of one of my 3-year-olds dressed up as Bob for Perim. I've had groups of six-year-olds painting in my living room while watching Bob lay out a bright landscape with a huge tree smack in the middle of the painting, each child proudly touting home an original painting of their own.

Why do Bob's philosophies make such a big impact on the lives of young friends? Although I can't be 100% sure what it is that sparks the heartstrings of those who have seen the PBS classic painting show, my guess that its because Bob conveys simple guidance that is easy to follow and receives BIG results fast. It makes sense that young friends would feel a connection to Bob because he teaches the very things friends naturally learn while being in preschool.