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Family Clean Up Time + Song

One regular - and much needed - part of a preschool day is, of course, clean up time! As playtime begins to wind down, we offer some warnings - 5 more minutes to play, 2 more minutes to play - and then we press play on our school’s clean up song and everyone -teachers and kiddos - all pitch in to clean up our space.

Firstly, it’s just practical! Messes are made and space is limited. In order for us to be able to move on to our next activity, we must first clean and organize the last. But this group clean up also instills a sense of shared community and purpose. This is OUR space and we ALL take care of it.

During isolation, I am amazed at just how much mess the three humans in my family can make in a day (or even just an hour). It was feeling overwhelming until I remembered Clean Up Time! Now, at least twice a day, we press play on our family clean up song and we all break from what we are doing to pitch in and clean up our space. The song plays on repeat, soundtracking our movements and reminding us to stay on track. Rahm puts his blocks back in their bin, Adam sweeps, I wipe counters, clothes are folded, pillows put back on the couch, crayons put back in the box, and so on. It usually takes us around 10-15 minutes of dedicated time. Rahm may pop in and out of the actual cleaning, but I do take some comfort in thinking he’s absorbing the lesson that this is our shared space and we all need to pitch in to maintain it.

Here is our school’s chosen clean up song (Shari Sloane - The Clean Up Song)

Here is my family’s clean up song (Pick It Up - Yo Gabba Gabba)

And here is a Spotify playlist of clean up songs to choose from!:


Hope this helps!

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