Free Online Learning Tools for Preschoolers 2nd Addition

We prefer to advocate natural play and learning through a personal connection. However, in this time of need when parents need to work and care for children simultaneously, we recognize the value of scheduled screen-time a few times a week. Our recommendation is to switch-up the various types of stimuli... an app on Monday, an interactive video on Tuesday...

Here is the next installment of our comprehensive list of Apps, Games, and Websites that you and your child can choose from together. As usual, be sure to go with your gut and choose the apps and games that feel right for your family and your kiddo's specific interests. Here are four more apps to explore this week.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

An adorable monster de-stresses kids with Sesame Street style. Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Cosmic Kids Adventures We LOVE Jamie and her interactive Yoga Adventures! She has created an empire of yoga and mindfulness series. Zen Den is an amazing way to make any time a quiet time and Peace Out is an excellent audio-only bedtime/rest hour meditation. Although she can be found on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and several other online networks you can support Jamie best by downloading their app here.

KinderTown Alien Assignment This app is great family fun that provides cute storylines for problem-solving.

Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (2012)

The Cat in the Hat Builds That App Designed by PBS Kids, this app offers kids an upbeat opportunity for fun STEM exploration both on and offscreen. Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire (2019)

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