Free Online Learning Tools for Preschoolers 3rd Addition

We prefer to advocate natural play and learning through a personal connection. However, in this time of need when parents need to work and care for children simultaneously, we recognize the value of scheduled screen-time. We suggest changing up the type of media throughout the week and to monitor your child's behavior as you expose them to these tools.

Here is the next installment of our comprehensive list of Apps, Games, and Websites that you and your child can choose from together. As usual, be sure to go with your gut and choose the apps and games that feel right for your family and your kiddo's specific interests. Here are four more apps to explore this week.

Lexi's World

Kids create a lovely magical world by spelling simple words. Devices: iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad (2019)

MyBackpack - Waterfront Learning Free games, stories, songs vary in quality and target age. Devices: iPad (2015)

Peeps Ciencias Colores An excellent tool for learning colors, co-use on and off-screen. Devices: iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire (2018)

PBS Kids Video

TV show clips in the easy-to-navigate app for young kids. Devices: iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire (2011)

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