• Danielle Mussafi

Guided Meditations for Kids

During rest hour, we would often play soft music, chimes, chants, or simply white noise to help our friends settle down, relax, and hopefully get some rest. We also explored listening to guided meditations designed for just kids - and our friends loved them! The meditations are often quietly told imaginative stories with soft background music lulling them into a deep relaxation. It may even work for you, as well!

Here are a few to try out at home before nap or sleep - or anytime during the day where you may need a little relaxation and centering.

”Your Secret Treehouse” Meditation by New Horizon (we used this one at school!)


”The Land of the Unicorns” Meditation by New Horizon


”Space Breathing” by Cosmic Kids Yoga


In addition, meditation apps Headspace and Insight Timer both have guided meditations designed for kids!



This time is hard for us all. I hope sprinkling in some mindful moments alone or together will help ease some of the uncertainty and struggle we are all feeling.

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