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It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect!

Here is your mid-week reminder that Pinterest perfection does not exist, nor need to happen, to have meaningful moments of connection and learning with your little ones!

The other day I was eating breakfast with Rahm, looking at the vast expanse of the rest of the morning, having no real idea how to best fill it for both me and him to get through it without meltdowns. The ”Groundhog’s Day”-ness was definitely getting to me that morning. During breakfast, I noticed him pointing at everything he saw and naming what color it was. Green for his cup, yellow for his straw. My shirt was blue, the table was brown, and on and on it went.

I had an idea! Color sorting! He’s showing me what he is interested in and now it’s my turn to follow him.

But, I didn’t have what I thought I needed. I didn’t have colorful painter’s tape or colorful construction paper. I didn’t have the “right” items to sort. I didn’t have the time to create this activity beforehand or perfectly set it up for maximum effects. What I did have was white paper, markers that still had some ink in them, and random puff balls, magnatiles and stacking cups. I got to work.

As you can see, I very haphazardly colored on the paper. I did this right in front of him, asking him to help me find the next colored marker. I laid out the papers on his play table and then walked around the apartment finding the most random toys I could. After modeling for him how to sort, he picked it up right away and he played for a good 10 minutes - just enough time for me to finish my coffee, still actually warm!, which is all I really want anyway.

So again, here is your gentle push to just go for it. Especially as a trained early educator, I can sometimes get in my own way of doing it “right” or “perfectly” when the real point is to just see what interests your child and follow their lead!

What can you do “not perfectly” today?

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