• Danielle Mussafi

Just Add Water

One of my personal favorite parenting quotes - that also doubles as a teacher quote - is this:

I love it because I’ve found it to be true! Water is a simple and thankfully accessible way to connect us to nature and engage our senses. It can be calming and stimulating at the same time, and be used in so many different ways of play.

Here are some ways to “just add water”:

1. Water sensory bins!

- play with scoopers, labels, spoons and more!

- Add soapy bubbles!

- Add color drops!

- Add essential oils!

- Add citrus like lemon or lime slices!

2. Practical life activities involving water

- watering plants

- fill sink and wash dishes

- practice pouring water

3. Bath time playtime

- take a bath in the middle of the day!

- take a lego bath or bring in other water proof toys

- bathe water safe dolls

- have a Popsicle bath - let them get as sticky as they want!

- bath paints or crayons!

- bath with only a nightlight on!

- make and bathe with bath bombs!

4. Eat and drink!

- Drink a glass of icey, slushy water

- Drink a glass of lemon, orange, cucumber, or mint infused water

- Drink a warm herbal tea like peopermint, ginger, mint or fennel

- make simple “ice pops” from water in popsicle molds

5. Toy wash!

- set up a toy car wash

- wash blocks, magnatiles, trains, etc

- go on a scavenger hunt first and then wash the items!

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