Letter Hunt!

One day, as Rahm and I were strolling through Greenwood Cemetary, he began pointing out the letter “R” on various tombstones and signage. A bit dark, perhaps, but I was happily surprised! Sure, we sing the ABC’s and write out his name and point out letters here and there but it was the first time I realized, “oh yeah, he’s probably ready to start learning his letters in a more active way.” He spent the rest of the walk pointing out every “R” he could and I got inspired. Over the next few days, I set out a few “letter hunts” for him to great fun and success. Here’s a quick summary that may also work for your littles!

Note: Rahm is on the younger side of our friends at school. Many of Crayon Power friends may be past this stage and onto letter groupings, words, and sounds. A lot of the things listed below can translate to higher level learning as well!

1) Books!

I pulled out some titles that had bold print (and, especially, the letter “R”) in them. He kept ask