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Letter Hunt!

One day, as Rahm and I were strolling through Greenwood Cemetary, he began pointing out the letter “R” on various tombstones and signage. A bit dark, perhaps, but I was happily surprised! Sure, we sing the ABC’s and write out his name and point out letters here and there but it was the first time I realized, “oh yeah, he’s probably ready to start learning his letters in a more active way.” He spent the rest of the walk pointing out every “R” he could and I got inspired. Over the next few days, I set out a few “letter hunts” for him to great fun and success. Here’s a quick summary that may also work for your littles!

Note: Rahm is on the younger side of our friends at school. Many of Crayon Power friends may be past this stage and onto letter groupings, words, and sounds. A lot of the things listed below can translate to higher level learning as well!

1) Books!

I pulled out some titles that had bold print (and, especially, the letter “R”) in them. He kept asking for “more R’s!” and so I did as he asked, always trying to follow his lead. “R” is his first recognized letter as it’s the first letter of his first name, which is often a great place to start as there is an inherent interest there. As he kept pointing at R’s he started noticing other letters, which we talked about. He is now also noticing A, M, E, T and S. Exciting!

2) Letter match game!

I pulled out bath letters from deep in the closet, put a bunch of random ones in an old coffee tin, wrote them out on pieces of paper and modeled the matching game. He picked it up immediately!

3) DIY Alphabet sign

I quickly drew up the ABCs and hung it eye level for him. We don’t do much with it (yet?) but every now and then I notice him looking at it and/or pointing at the letters.

4) Letter hunts everywhere!

We continue to find letters at Greenwood, and on buses, and signs, and advertisements, and, of course, books and letters and magazines. It’s usually 1-5 letters at a time, no pressure, all fun, as always following his lead on when and how long to play.

Happy letter findings!

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