Musical Theatre Fun: Intro to Orchestras

Hi families!—

Right before this surprising break from being together as a school community, our children were becoming more and more interested in music. We’ve always been an extremely musical community—at school we’d have music on to help us nap or relax, to inspire us to dance or play, and to help us calm down after hard moments. We also started to learn about rhythm, especially in dance class with Ms. Danielle, and even out of dance class would experiment with leading and following each other in dance steps.

As a group, our musical interest started to grow into how we could slow or speed up our bodies to match the pace and style of a song. We would hold each other’s hands and try to match what our partners body was doing, kind of like a partner dance. In this same vein, I started talking to some of our kids about how melodies were made with a group of many musicians and their different types of instruments, called orchestras. We would pretend to be a conductor, waving our hands to match the beat and pretended we were helping a big room full of instruments to create a song.

I’ve found a couple of videos for kids explaining what an orchestra is and how it functions. Here’s what I’ve found!:

A little boy named George shows us around the Sydney Youth Orchestra and tries out conducting!:

This video is better for younger kids, and shares the names of each of the instruments usually found in an orchestra:

In this Sesame Street video, we visit a conductor and get a really fun close-up into how his job works:

Hope you feel musically inspired!

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