Neighborhood walks: Magnolias and Cherry Trees

The spring season is blossoming and the cherry and magnolia trees are flowering. Over the last few weeks, families have come up with creative ideas to keep their kids engaged and physically distanced while still connecting to neighbors and the natural world. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods have been promoting walking tours on their community groups. Here's a list of trees in Windsor Terrace to meander by on your daily walks. A big thank you for our neighbor Alice who posted, on KWTneighbors yahoo group, the location of the trees in the order of a little hike, starting with two of the most stunning ones.

Greenwood at E 2nd

Greenwood at MacDonald

Seeley between MacDonald and 20th

Terrace at 20th

Seeley at 19th

Seeley between 18th and PPSW

PPSW at Terrace

Terrace at Sherman

Sherman at 11th

Fuller near Windsor

Prospect at Howard

Terrace at 17th

Prospect at Vanderbilt

For those who would like to explore spring from home, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden remains committed to connecting communities to the wonder and delight of plants and people. Though they are closed to the public, the Garden is accessible to visitors virtually this spring. Over the coming weeks, the Garden's world-famous collection will blossom in isolation. Follow the blooms from home on CherryWatch at

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