• Danielle Mussafi

Painter’s Tape Is Your Best Friend #1

Crayon Power LOVES painter’s tape! You have probably seen our rolls of colorful tape on nearly every surface of our school creating a wide variety of activities, games, and art projects. It’s really incredible just how vast the myriad of uses of one roll of tape can be!

Here are a few ideas that can translate well at home. More to come in subsequent posts!

1. Tape Rescue:

Tape small figurines down and your kids can work those fine-motor skills rescuing them!

2. Tracks:

Create large mazes, tracks, roads for cars and trucks and trains. Or for your kids to run through themselves!

3. Tape resist art:

Lay down a ‘design’ in tape on a piece of paper or canvas. Children are to paint over it. Once dry, remove tape.

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