Personalized playlists foster connection

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of friends giving me homemade playlists, or at that time they were called... Mixed Tapes.

There was something really comforting and reassuring about them. They allowed me to connect to my peers, parents, and siblings even when they weren't around. Each song gave me a personal understanding of the sender, linked me to a memory of a time we listened to the music with each other or conveyed a feeling that allowed me to feel closer to them.

At Crayon Power Playschool we listened to music often. We would play it at snack time. Friends would shout out songs they knew and we would listen to them together. Shallow, Old Town Road, and Let it go were some of our favorites. Just as the mixed tapes that were given to me as a child connected me to those I loved, compiling musical lists while eating fruit connected the friends and teachers at school. Each song and style of music taught us something new about our young schoolmates. We found out that toddlers can love EDM and Billie Idol, that the Banana song by Gaba Gaba is hilarious, and that Teacher Rebecca's love for musical theater was appreciated. We celebrated our shared love for vehicles (trains, trucks, busses), and enjoyed moments of great joy and laughter together.