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Regulating (and more importantly, fun) body breaks

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Hi families-

During this home-time, I’ve begun to notice how important movement is. And I’m sure for you-living this new reality with your children-have REALLY noticed how mood-changing movement can be.

At school for children, especially young ones, there is a lot going on. Noises, feelings, grown up activity, and kid activity. The business of being around others and learning to regulate and calm yourself is a huge, huge life skill. I wanted to suggest some simple body movement breaks that you can show your kids in this time of anxiety. It’s a great day-changer and sometimes offers a calm that words can’t.

Snake Crawls:

This is a tiring and surprisingly really freeing exercise! I suggest doing this one when your child is letting out more destructive physical energy that you would rather helpfully guide into something more productive. Have your child (and please try it with them!!) lie down on the ground on their tummies. The child then uses only their arms to drag themselves from one part of the room to the other. It’s a great upper body workout and stress reliever! I’ve done this with a bunch of our Crayon Power kids so if the description feels unclear you can ask your child to show you :)

Wall Push-ups

For this great energy-releasing exercise, have your child put their arms up on any steady wall in your home (it can also work outside on a strong fence). Have them them push the wall like they’re trying to push it away from them. This is also a great movement for after an angry or stressful moment. It’s a healthy release for a body that may be wanting to punch or hit. Push the wall instead!

Here’s also a cute animal movement chart I found via Pinterest:

Happy releasing and regulating!—

Teacher Rebecca

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