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Run, run, run...literacy is FUN!!!

Literacy is FUN!!!

Hello families!!

My name is Mrs. Cesar and I am a pre-kindergarten teacher. I’ll be sharing some fun resources and information with you in order to make home-schooling even MORE fun!!

In pre-kindergarten, we focus on learning through play. Learning through play allows students to make sense of the world around them while developing the appropriate social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. While in pre-kindergarten, it’s also important to find ways to get kindergarten ready. I know you’re thinking…”how can I do that if there’s no playing in kindergarten??”

Glad you asked!! Did you know that it is very possible to incorporate literacy into your daily play activities? You can even use the materials right in your home in order to do this. How cool!

So what does that look like?

Let’s say you’re working on a theme for the week. One of my favorite themes to work on in my classroom is plants! I actually just completed that theme last week and it was oh so FUN!!! Some of the words that we learned throughout the unit were plant, root, stem, and even cycle. Each week, we would select the first letter of the word that we learned for the week. We’d write it, make it using recyclable items and play dough, paint it, and even look for items that begin with our “letter of the week”. The idea is that in learning the letters, they’ll learn the corresponding sounds, and after awhile, they’’ll be able to create words!

Here are some ways to bring this into fruition:

-Have a “Daily Focus” where you have a “Letter of the week” focused on the theme that you’re working on.

-Have your child create the letter using coloring materials, recyclable items, play dough, and even sensory-friendly items such as shaving cream and rice…using a cookie sheet, of course :)

-Create a scavenger hunt!! Once your child has been introduced to the letter, have the look for items around your home that begin with the letter of the week.

-Grab a book!!! It’s so good to encourage your child to become familiar with print books. Have them hunt for the letter of the week when they “read their book”.

Over the years, this has inspired me. I hope that it inspires you, too!!!

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