• Danielle Mussafi

Sensory Play: Sight

You may think that exploring the sense of sight may be redundant- we do it all the time with most all activities we do! And while that is certainly true, there are some really fun ways to specifcally explore this sense at home this week.

1. Explore light and dark!

One really dynamic activity is to have storytime in the dark using flashlights! Cozy up in someone’s bed, windows shut, doors closed, lights off, and bring out your flashlights and headlights to help read your family’s favorite stories. If you have the space and materials, reading under the covers in a blanket fort or tent, while snuggling in sleeping bags or a pile of cozy blankets, will elevate this moment even more.

2. Shadow play!

Another way to explore light and dark is through shadow play! You can shine a light on your children as they dance and see their shadows dance along with them. Or create a shadow puppet play.

For an added art element, you can line up toys and figurines and do some shadow drawing!

3. Blindfold drawing!

What better way to experience the importance of our sense of sight than the explore what it feels like to not have it. For our older friends, tying a loose blindfold over their eyes before they draw will be a fun activity, especially if you do it with them!

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