• Danielle Mussafi

Sensory Play: Smell!

Smell is often a sense that can get neglected during play. We can be very focused on sight and sounds and touch but adding a scent to play can create even more points of interest and exploration.

Here are some simple ways to add the sense of smell to play:

1) Add citrus, herbs or flower petals to a water bin for play

2) Add a few drops of an essential oil to any homemade doughs

3) Go on a “Smell Hunt” - candles, spices, fruits, freshly washed laundry etc

4) Arrange or cut flowers and herbs

5) Take s “sniff test” of various fruits and vegetables or other household items and rank them from yummiest to yuckiest

6) Play “guess that smell” with household spices

7) Add a few drops of various essential oils onto cotton balls and play “match the smell”

8) Make ”spice paint“ with turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg and more!

Cooking as a family is also a fantastic, practical, hands-on way to explore all senses, especially smell!

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