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Sensory Play: Taste

Yum! Let’s get to tasting!


One of my favorite activities to do with the friends at school is taste tests! It’s a really low stakes way to try food, discuss tastes and textures, and express opinions. This is also a good activity for picky-eating friends as I am always sure to preface the taste test with a note: you don’t have to like this! You may taste it and want to spit it right out! That is okay! There is no pressure here. In fact, NOT liking a food’s taste or texture is just as valid as liking it!

So, what kinds of food can you try as a family? Anything! Maybe you can order an uncommon fruit in your next delivery or grab an interesting vegetable during your weekly grocery store visit. Or you can taste test a food your family is familiar with but prepared in a brand new way. The possibilities are endless!

The best part is trying it all together and talking about it! Is it sweet, sour, salty or bitter? What other food does it remind you of? What is the texture like? Smooth, chunky, wet, dry, crumbly, juicy, etc.

You could try a few foods at a time and rank them as well. Where do you agree and where fo you differ? The fun part and the learning is in the discussion.


Another way to explore taste is through a special taste test with different varieties of the same food. Apples are perfect for this! Grab ~3 apples with different flavor profiles and try them all out! Which do you like best? Least? I also like to do this experiment by color for our younger friends - red, green and yellow apples. It’s a great way to use visuals to enhance the experience.


Yes more taste tests! This time blindfolded! Grab a bandana, scarf or sleep mask, gently cover your children’s eyes and see if they can guess what they are eating!


Jellybeans are a fun way to explore taste since each has it’s own flavor and you HAVE to use your taste buds to figure out what you are eating.

Eating lemons are ALWAYS a fun and funny way to reeeeally get a taste experience!

And, as always, baking and cooking as a family is such a rich sensory activity that involves all five senses!

What have you been making together? Rahm and I have made banana bread (multiple times!), chocolate chip cookies, and maple brown sugar oatmeal muffins!

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