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Story Writing (with sticker inspiration!)

Hi families!-

This is Rebecca with a fun story share! At Crayon Power (and I’m sure at home, too), we are very interested and passionate about stickers. We mostly use them to pick out and make designs on paper, but we’ve also used them to develop our own games.

One game we play is a sticker guessing game (best for our older kids, but younger ones enjoy watching!) A child picks out a sticker without the other players seeing and gives us hints about what it could be. For example, if the sticker is of a dolphin the hints could be, “it’s an animal that lives in the ocean”, “it jumps”, “it’s blue”, etc. Guessing games are super fun and mentally stimulating, especially with the reward of getting the right answer and sticking the winning sticker on your paper :)

We have also enjoyed creating stories inspired by our sticker choices. Here’s one created by Judah. Sticker choices and story all by him!


Once upon a time, there was a little clownfish and it swimmed onto it’s Mom. It settled down for a nice breakfast after it woke up, and then it got its clothes on. It went back to sleep and then the lizard came and woke it up. And then it ate the clownfish! The end!

We’d love to read stories created by our kids! Maybe you’ll write one inspired by stickers in your home, stuffed animals, or any other random home object!

Happy creating :)

Article by: Teacher Rebecca at Crayon Power Playschool

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